SARS-CoV-2 and The Valley of Death

6 thoughts on “SARS-CoV-2 and The Valley of Death

  1. That was a fantastic lecture.
    I liked the discussion on the possibility of a vaccine against COVID-19. Why don’t the doctors in general and even world bodies like the WHO or organizations like the CDC, state the facts that a vaccine is more than 4 years away, if at all they pass the Stage 1. That too would not be a saviour as we have experience with the Flu vaccine where CDC said that in 2019, the vaccine provided protection in less than 50% of the recipients. Point on “auto-immunity” was great. Does it mean that that sub-group of patients would have a flare up of a COVID-19 like disease once vaccine is given to them? That then, surely would prove counter-productive! We even do not know how big that sub-group would be.
    Therefore why shouldn’t the focus be more on manufacturing and testing anti-viral drugs and may be other uncommon drugs (like HCQS) which may be effective against COVID-19.
    Dependence on China for manufacture of essential drugs is costing the US a lot, and things may deteriorate in the future.
    Finally, at present, as no treatment or vaccine is available, hand washing and social distancing remain the two most effective ways of dealing with this pandemic.
    Dr. Sarosh Ahmed Khan, MD; FACP; FRCP(Edin)
    Senior Consultant Internal Medicine
    Naseem Medical Center
    Srinagar, Kashmir 190019

  2. Can we ask from our honourable speaker what type of vaccine they are developing will be polygamy vaccine or monovalent.

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